Capital Campaign

History in the Making.

Our goal for Shimer Square’s capital campaign is $2,500,000.

This campaign is a call to you and the Mount Carroll community to make a real and lasting change for Shimer Square.

From now until July 2025, every gift to Shimer Square will contribute to this campaign. 

With great opportunity comes great responsibility. GROWTH does not take Shimer Square’s redevelopment effort lightly. We are coming in with eyes wide open, setting realistic expectations, timelines, and remaining result-oriented. We are asking you to join us in this redevelopment effort, to realize what could be, and make our shared vision a reality.

Shimer Square’s capital campaign represents the entire campus within the 5 to 7 year revitalization period. The opportunity encompasses helping with the overall picture: 

conversion of historic properties into safe, quality housing

conversion of historic properties into new commercial leasing opportunities

providing opportunities for entrepreneurs, startups, and artisans

creation of jobs


Capital campaign contributions will provide the funds needed to allow the entire revitalization of Shimer Square to move forward. Given the increased costs associated with construction and stabilization, capital contributions will help fill the gap that no other financing or grant funding will support. 

It enables the dream of Shimer Square to move forward as planned. It will be a win for Illinois.

It will be a win for the region. Most importantly, it will be a win for Mount Carroll.