Shimer Square’s future is one of brightness and opportunity. Planned development efforts celebrate the past while building for the future, restoring and revitalizing the historic campus into a new, mixed-use neighborhood with residential, commercial, and community amenities. While its revitalization work will take many years, GROWTH takes a community minded approach having an extra eye for detail, restoring unique characteristics, and preservation of the artifacts of academics past, while building for the future.   

New Beginning

Community engagement has been key throughout the initial efforts of GROWTH in its campus redevelopment efforts. Input from the community was sought on the renaming of the campus through an official ballot that appeared in the Carroll County Mirror-Democrat weekly paper as well as on the newspaper’s website. The public was invited to vote and submit ballots at the Mirror-Democrat via hand-delivery or mail. The five choices on the ballot were: Shimer Woods, Shimer Center, Pillars of Mount Carroll, Shimer Square, or write-in option. 

The winning name along with Shimer Woods had each received 94 votes resulting in a tie for the renaming of the former Shimer College/ Campbell Center campus. A total of 230 votes were submitted, making history as part of Shimer Square’s redevelopment story. 

A coin toss by Mount Carroll’s Mayor was held at Mayfest Saturday afternoon, May 25, confirming the campus and buildings would be officially known as Shimer Square.